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Men’s Skincare Tips: How To Select the Right Face Wash

Before I begin this article, let me bust a myth, or rather a stereotype, which surrounds face washes. A face wash is NOT a woman’s beauty product. A face wash is more of a hygiene product that can and should be used by both, men and women. It is because of myths like this that men shy away from using face washes, when in reality; men are more in need of them than women. You wish to know why? Well, then you’ll first have to understand the functions of a face wash and why it is important to use one when washing your face.

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Why do you need a face wash?

Face washes effectively rid your pores of accumulated dust, dirt and oils. You might choose to counter this sentence by saying that soaps do the same. Actually, they don’t. Soaps are not as effective and they also rob skin of natural oils making skin dry and irritated. Face washes on the other hand are gentle on your skin and have a deep cleansing action that unclogs pores, keeping your skin protected and healthy.

Coming back to why men are more in need of face washes, well, it’s because men have thicker skins and more active sebaceous glands. They also sweat more. Hence, they need to properly cleanse their face to prevent the occurrence of acne, whiteheads and black spots.

How to select the right face wash:

To select the right face wash, you first need to understand your skin type. Choose one that is ideal for your skin type and you’ll never go wrong. There are four skin types: Oily, dry, combination and sensitive.

If your face feels oily and greasy most of the time and you experience frequent breakouts, it is likely that you have oily skin. On the contrary, if your skin feels dry, you experience redness and itchiness because of the dryness and you frequently suffer from cracks, you are a sufferer of dry skin. People with the combination skin skin type tend to have an oily T-zone, but dry skin in other areas. If your skin is extremely sensitive to products and is suffers from rashes often, you have sensitive skin.

Face wash for oily skin:

Opt for products that are oil-free and do not contain heavy emollients, like a gel-based face wash. Ensure that the face wash has a moisturizing agent as well. Such a face wash will gently cleanse and moisturize your face without adding unnecessary oils. Another alternative is to use herbal face washes that contain extracts of the herb rosemary.

Face wash for dry skin:

Choose creamy, oil-based face washes as they will supply your skin with much-required oils. Also, ensure that these face washes have a good moisturizing effect. Products with milk or glycerine too are good for dry skin.

Face wash for combination skin:

This face type is quite common. So, people with this skin type are actually lucky as they get a range of products to choose from. Opt for face washes specially manufactured for this skin type. These face washes cleanse skin without drying it. They also supply just enough moisture to hydrate skin without making it too oily.

Face wash for sensitive skin:

People with sensitive skin need to be extra careful when selecting a face wash, or for that matter, any skin product. Opt for a face wash that is especially designed for this skin type. The face wash should have a mild AHA (or glycolic acid) as your skin might react to it. ‘Natural’ or products with natural extracts are a safer bet. Also, don’t choose products with colors or ones that are highly scented as they might irritate your skin.

Hope you found these tips useful. To find out the most effective face wash for men, read this article:

This was about selecting the right face wash. If you’re looking for comprehensive tips on how to care for your skin this summer, you can check out this insightful article: Summer Skincare Tips for Men


3 comments on “Men’s Skincare Tips: How To Select the Right Face Wash

  1. Face wash for dry skin
    June 11, 2014

    Thanks for sharing the tips, it’s really informative.

    • Cherylann Mollan
      June 11, 2014

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you found these tips useful. 🙂

  2. Micro Touch Switchblade
    October 9, 2014

    Most men may not actually care what to use to wash their faces and just any will do. Thanks for posting.

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