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Women’s Day Special: 5 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Low


First of all, to all the women out there, “Happy Our Day!” We absolutely deserve it. To all the men out there, wish us! Then make a face, or walk away, or…whatever. What with all the tweets and Facebook updates and even the Google Doodle being around women and Women’s Day, my womanly feelings have risen to the surface. (You’re wondering what ‘womanly feelings’ are, aren’t you? Shame on you!)

Just kidding. I’m talking about those soppy feelings associated with women, like care, concern, over-emotionality and a tendency to nag. Well, since you say I have them, I’ll say I have them and will put them to good use, like by writing a self-help article, to NAG you!

After much thought and self-analysis, I’ve listed down the things I do to up my mood when I’m feeling low. The nature of these suggestions might lead you into thinking I’m a little wonky, but that’s okay. I find these tips very therapeutic and the best part is that they can be carried out in isolation. In fact, do practice them when in isolation. Read on and you’ll know why.

(By the way, these suggestions work well for men and women. I’m a fair person that way.)

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Read books / watch movies that make you laugh, cry, whatever…

So you’ve been dumped or duped and feel like you’re the singularly most hated/unlucky person in the universe. It’s okay, we all feel pretty self-important now and then. To snap out of this self-absorbing feeling, you need to either force yourself into laughing or, sob and wail till all the bad stuff is out of your system.

Movies and books act as great catalysts. Haven’t you cried your eyes out watching Jerry Maguire, Notting Hill or You’ve Got Mail? Well, watch them again. Or, you could read Pride and Prejudice. All the weepy, happy endings will surely leave you feeling a lot more hopeful about love and life.

If humour is your therapy, then LOL! Read silly, stupid comics and absorb yourself in childish humour. (No, I’m not saying this sarcastically. One should never underestimate the power of childish jokes and toilet humour.) Watch cartoons, or RomComs or Steve Martin/Chris Rock/Eddy Murphy movies. Laugh, and then laugh some more.


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Be vain

Didn’t the nuns in your school tell you about the perils of being vain? Forget them.

Yes, take refuge in the selfishness and pride of vanity. List down your achievements, however tiny or seemingly stupid they might be. (Being able to burp the alphabet or even half the alphabet is an achievement, and so is cracking sad jokes, every single time. They both require skill.)  Pamper yourself. Dress up. Put on perfume. Click a selfie, or many selfies.

Sometimes, being vain helps you realize you are worth a lot more than you think you are.


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Sing aloud

Listen to happy music, sad music, angry music, terrible music, any kind of music that works for you. And sing, like you’re Adele, or Whitney Houston, or the Bee gees, or the Chipmunks, but sing.

(It helps if you sing really loudly and twirl about with the music, but that’s up to your discretion. We don’t want neighbors calling up the cops because they think an angry drunk has barged into the building, or a loony opera singer.)


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Like you’re Po from the Kung Fu Panda movie. At least for a day, keep your calorie charts aside. Dig into a sweet, creamy, melt-in-the-mouth ice cream, or gobble down those crispy, golden-brown fries or that cheesy, gooey pizza. Comfort foods have earned their name for a reason. Soothe your hurt ego by treating yourself to some delicious, lip-smacking food, and don’t feel guilty about it!

So, don’t be sad, be greedy! (I’m sorry, that was just bad. But like I said, it takes skill to crack consistently bad jokes)

To know why and how yummy food makes the best solution to most problems, check out this blog:


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Paint a picture/ write a comic strip on yourself

Pick out the single most embarrassing moment in your life, and paint a picture, or make a comic strip on it. Sometimes, it helps to make fun of yourself. Have a good laugh at your stupidity or the mistakes you’ve made. A bit of healthy ridicule will stop you from taking yourself so seriously.

An e.g. of my comic strip:

Friend and I are ambling along.

Another friend passes by and says, “I love your bag!”

Me: Blushing, “Oh! Thank you so much! I just bought it. In the shop, I really wasn’t sure if it was a good buy. But, I guess it is. Simple, yet elegant. I really like it too!”

Friend: (Looks confused) Urm.. actually I meant HER bag. (Points to the girl next to me)

Me: (Royally embarrassed face)


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Well, that’s it from my end. Hope these tips help you like they help me. Are there are any particularly wacky methods you employ to deal with stress or sadness or anger? Let me know about them by sharing your ideas in the comments section.

By the way, now you see why I said it’s better to carry out these suggestions when in isolation?


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