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10 Tidbits of Trivia on the God of Cricket himself, Sachin Tendulkar!

Sachin Tendulkar is a not just a revered player, he is a phenomenon. His talent, skill and achievements have motivated boys around the world to learn cricket and make a name for themselves in the sport. He has given our country something to be proud of. Even though he has retired, he continues to live on as one of the greatest players in our hearts and minds. We all know about his various achievements, but here is a bit of fun trivia that you probably didn’t know about this well-loved player!

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1. Sachin Tendulkar’s full name is Sachin Ramesh Tendular. His father, a well-known Marathi novelist, named him after the legendary Indian music director, Sachin Dev Burman. Over time, Sachin earned several nick names due to his ground-breaking achievements and batting skills. Some of them are Master Blaster, Little Master, Tendlya, The God of Cricket, The Bradman of Modern Cricket and more recently, The Grandpa of Indian Cricket.

2. Always a hardworking, diligent sportsman, while growing up, Sachin would ask the colony watchman’s son, Ramesh Pardhe, to dip a rubber ball in water and throw it at him. By the marks made on the bat, Sachin would check whether he had middled the ball or not.

3.  Now an icon himself, Sachin Tendulkar in his schoolboy days ardently followed the fashions of John McEnroe, the legendary tennis player. He grew his hair long and tied a band around his head to ape the tennis player’s style.

4. Ramakant Achekar, Sachin Tendulkar’s childhood coach, came up with a technique of motivating Sachin to play further when he got tired. The coach would offer to give a rupee to any bowler who could get Sachin out. However, if none of them succeeded, Sachin would win the coin for himself. Sachin still has 13 of these coins given to him by his coach.

5. Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin’s cricketing hero had gifted him a pair of ultra-light pads when he was in school. These were the same pads that he used when he made his test debut for India against Pakistan, aged 16.

6. Sachin Tendulkar, revered as a God in the cricketing world, had his own superstitions. He would always put on his left pad before the right one when dressing up for a game.

7. A little known fact about Sachin is that he is quite a prankster! Once, when Sunil Gavaskar was sleeping, he put a hose pipe inside his room and turned on the tap. When Sunil Gavaskar awoke, his sleepy eyes met with the sight of floating cricket gear!

8. We’ve all seen the Master Blaster in action, slamming away balls to sixes and fours. However, the ‘God of Cricket’ did serve as a ball boy during the 1987 World Cup semifinals between India and England.

9.  Everyone knows about the ‘Sachin Tendulkar-Vinod Kambli 664 run unbroken partnership.’ But, do you know that two wards in New Delhi’s Tihar jailed were named after these cricketers after they made this record?

10. A man of many surprises, here’s an interesting fact about him: Although he is a right-handed batsman and a right-handed spin bowler, Sachin Tendulkar writes with his left hand.

Crazy Sachin fan? You must know about his greatest achievements then. Click on this link to brush up your knowledge:


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