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Why Should You Play Tennis? 5 Amazing Health Benefits You Derive From the Sport


The kind of tennis I ever remember playing was the one on my PlayStation. (1, 2, other complicated PlayStation terminology… I don’t know.)The only part of my body that did get exercised were my poor fingers and, on second thoughts, my brother’s head every time he made me loose a point. (That was more of a head massage actually.)Then once I felt a little adventurous and played tennis on that very creepy contraption, the one that seems to track your body movements – You flail your hands about wildly and your player on the screen brainlessly apes you. Yup, that one. The exercise was good until I knocked down my mother’s vase. Then all hell broke loose.

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Anyway, the lessons I learnt was,

1. Tennis is a difficult game

2. Tennis needs to be played outdoors.

What I was too lazy to learn, however, was that playing tennis (playing real tennis that is) gives you jaw-dropping health benefits. I’ve listed down a couple of them to motivate you, and myself out of the soft, cushiony beanbags we’re currently plonked on.

Makes Your Heart Beat Faster:

It’s like going in for a first kiss, but minus the fear, anxiety and disastrously nauseous feel that accompanies it. A game of tennis calls for swift, anaerobic movements that quicken the heart rate, burn fat (Yeah!) and promote improved energy levels. So while you’re huffing, puffing and floundering around the court, you’re actually lowering your susceptibility to heart disease, heart attacks and other frightening heart-related ailments. More power to tennis!


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Arnold Schwarzenegger-like muscles!

Well, not exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you’ll still develop muscles (the visible kind.) Your leg, arm and upper body muscles get a good workout during a game of tennis. (It will right! What with all the bending, twisting and jumping to hit the ball. In my case, dodge it actually.)Anyway, you’re sure to strengthen your forearms, back, leg and core muscles.

Oh! It also improves agility. I’m sorry but I just can’t get the picture of a particularly nifty granny buzzing round the court out of my head.


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Brain Development. Ha Ha Ha

Doesn’t this make you feel like I’m talking about a dork who’s in need of some serious help? That’s not how you’re supposed to take it.

I’m talking about tactical brain development, i.e. the ability to come up with smarter moves and be more, well, tactful, like in a game of chess. You’re unconsciously thinking of better shot patterns and moves and this improves tactical thinking skills. It also makes you sharper and more alert.

A key benefit of developing this skill is that you’ll know the perfect answer to questions like, “Does this dress make me look fat?” “Do you think my best friend is cute?” “Where do you see our relationship going?” and other similar questions.


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Improved coordination:

Now this makes me feel like the freak who pours milk down her neck because her hand does not know where her mouth is.

No, you don’t have to be this bad to be motivated to improve your coordination skills. Just think swifter movements, more precision and therefore, better dance moves! Yeah! Let’s turn to tennis.

While playing tennis you improve your motor skills, distance gauging ability and balance. Repeated playing sharpens these skills further. So, even though your body might cry out in protest every time you hold that tennis racquet in your hand, don’t give in! Don’t.


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Diva-like feelings

I’m not saying you’ll become delusional. Because, that would be downright scary! What I’m saying is you’re sure to experience a boost in your self-esteem. You’re also likely to feel more confident and optimistic, because that’s what exercise of any kind does to you. Besides, you’re body’s going to be in better shape and that’s enough to make you feel happy and proud.


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Well, now that you’ve learnt about the health benefits of playing tennis I hope you do go a step ahead and start playing it. If you want to know about tennis clubs in Mumbai, check out this link:

As I said, tennis needs to be played outdoors.


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